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Be the #1 trusted Self Health Management Software Platform for lifestyle diseases and reduce people from being hospitalised.

About Us

Net-Health was started in 2013 and is the most comprehensive software solution provider for the medical industry. With growing digitalisation in healthcare industry, we invest in improving efficiency and patient care in medical centres and hospitals through our platform. We provide the best customer service. We are launching new products to help us work towards our vision.


Our mission is to facilitate the best patient care throughout Australia and global market. To build a software platform which enables carers and receivers to make the best use of digital world. We ensure our customer service is professional and optimum.

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Innovation Centre, Sunshine Coast
90 Sippy Downs Drive
Sippy Downs, Qld 4556
Phone: 61 073266 8329
Email us: enquiry@net-health.com.au

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Our Platform

NetHealth is building the platform comprising of various products. The medical centres or hospitals can use these products as an entity or use complete platform.

  • Net-HealthData

    Net-HealthData is designed to capture the vital signs of users and send it to their general practitioners. The vital signs are captured through various manufacturers wireless or bluetooth connected devices.
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  • WebAppoint

    WebAppoint is the video conferencing platform through which the patients can consult their general practitioner online without having to physically go to a clinic.
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Net-Health Features

  • Easy integration

    We design all our software to help in easy integration with the existing hospital or medical centre software. We do not want the clinics to be handling multiple software. This helps in reducing duplication of activity, conserve time and mainly let the doctors focus on patient care.

  • Customisation

    At NetHealth, we know, there is no concept of "One size fits all." Hence we customize our products to help the clinics and hospitals to pick the features what works best for them.

What our clients say...

Pete de Mamiel

Each time I used the app it seamlessly connected and recorded my data. It provided me with confidence because of the frequency and ease of recording history to discuss with my GP.
Using Net-HealthData since 1 year

Gold Coast Medical Centre

Net-HealthData has helped our clinic provide extra service to our patients to improve their outcome especially with their diabetic condition by constant monitoring.
Dr. Reza Zabihi
Primary Doctor

Nundah Activity Center

With Net-HealthData software,our members at NAC benefit from remote monitoring of their health. This has been a very useful software for our aged members who want to monitor their health.
Sarah Xu
Digital Program Manager

Benefits of Chronic condition management

Chronic Conditions are termed as Australia's biggest Health Challenge. The infographic representation of chronic condition management

Meet The Team

Find out more about the core team of NetHealth.

Vidya Nallamad

CEO and Founder

Young and Talented entrepreneur with 15 years of experience in medical software industry. Have worked in various software industry like GE Medical Systems & Philips Medical Systems.

Vidya Nallamad
CEO and Founder

Founder of NetHealth with 15 years of experience in medical software industry. Vidya has worked in GE Medical Systems & Philips Medical Systems.

David Hirst

Chief Technology Officer

David has been working in the software industry for more than 15 years. He has been working with cutting-edge technology and brings in lot of technology ideas into NetHealth.

David Hirst
Chief Technology Officer

David has been involved with designing and architecture of some of complicated software across software catering for various industry- finance and gaming.

Peter Nemere

Chief Operating Officer

Peter has 11 years of solid IT industry experience. He has hand his hands in a few startups and has now joined NetHealth to take it to the next level. He has created several mobile apps and loves to work on latest technology.

Peter Nemere
Chief Operating Officer

Peter has completed his Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, and has worked building various mobile apps. He has even been involved in very early stage startups.

Deana Scott
Advisory Panel

Deana is currently the founder of Brisbane based company called Vmore.Vmore provides virtual receptionist assistance to various medical centers.She has joined Net-Health to provide insight into scaling a start-up and business development

Charles Cornish
Advisory Panel

Charles is currently the CEO of Brisbane based company called DoseMe.He is also the executive director of various other MedTech companies like ThroatScope. Charles is with NetHealth in the advisory role to provide advise regarding the business & revenue models and customer acquisition.

Fred Le Tran
Advisory Panel

Fred is currently the Innovation Manager at Optus.He brings in wealth of knowledge about Lean way of running a start-up

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